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Publicado el: 14 marzo, 2017

In order to invest your money in the best way when starting a business in Peru. Doesn’t matter if you are a producer of organic foods, jewelry designer or clothing retailer and probably you would like to sell your products in an international market. But first of all, you must do a correct diagnostic of what type of company you want.

The type of company you choose will define the legal procedures you need to follow and other important aspects to consider. Aspects like the legal document you must submit in a notary, the taxes you will pay , the countable books you need are so important in order to do correctly  the entire process from start to end of establishing a company in our country.

Here, the common types of companies in our country:

Basics procedures:

  • Choose a name for your company and book it, you can do it online or directly in SUNARP (Register Authority).

In case the name you propose is free, it will be booked for 30 days.

  • Prepare the letter of incorporation that has to be signed by a lawyer and then submit in a Public notary.
  • Deposit the capital in a banking account that you can open only with the letter of incorporation*.
  • After you obtain the public deed of the company, you must obtain your RUC (a Taxpayer identification number) in SUNAT (Tax Authority).
  • In there, you must present all legal documents like your identification, a copy of the public deed and complete some forms.

 *There is no a minimum capital requirement by law in Peru.

MYPERUGLOBAL has a legal area that helps to international entrepreneurs to start a company and guide them in legal procedures. Any queries, feel free to ask for a free consultation.

Written by : Jessica Luque

Legal Consultant




  • Jaego Markson dice:

    I want to start a business in Peru (E.I.R.L) except I am a foreigner and I want to sign a contract with that newly formed company in order to get a business or resident visa. I’d be the only employee. Is this possible? And how much would this cost? How long would it take. Im here in visa free entry. TRADUCTION AUTOMÁTICO: Quiero comenzar un negocio en Perú (E.I.R.L) Excepto que soy un extranjero y quiero firmar un contrato con esa compañía recientemente formada para obtener una visa de negocios o residentes. Sería el único empleado. ¿Es esto posible? ¿Y cuánto cueste este costo? Cuánto tiempo lo tomaría. Estoy aquí en la visión gratuita de visa

  • Pierre dice:

    Yes please. I also would like the same information. Gracias !

  • Hina Alvarez dice:

    Hola, también me interesa esta información así como sus costes

  • Margarita Brockhaus dice:

    Por favor envie information requisitos costos,y paso a paso procedimiento me gustaria empezar en Chiclayo y Trujillo

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