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Publicado el: 27 enero, 2017

Currently, India is one of the BRICS countries, along with Brazil, Russia, China and South Africa, which share a large population, large tracts of land, natural resources, as well as number of opportunities for international trade.

Therefore, the importance to analyze the Indian market as one of the leading suppliers worldwide.

Here are the main products that India exports to the whole world:

  • Jewelry, and precious stones: it is the main item of export and among them the diamonds, the jewels of silver and gold and precious stones and jewelry.
  • Fuels and mineral oils: It is the second item of export and stands out mainly petroleum oil.
  • Automotive Vehicles: India has a strong automotive industry mainly in passenger cars, motorcycles, tractors and their parts.
  • Machinery, apparatus and mechanical devices: It mainly emphasizes the articles of taps, followed by engines, air and liquid pumps, piston engines, centrifuges, among others.
  • Pharmaceuticals: is an important sector in India and offers different types of medicines as well as implements and devices for the health sector.
  • Organic chemicals: mainly nitrogene compounds, in addition to organic compounds, antibiotics and acids.
  • Clothing and clothing accessories: In the textile sector, the tailor-made suits, as well as shirts, coats, shawls and clothing accessories stand out.
  • Cotton yarns: cotton yarns and fabrics stand out in their different types and varieties.

Main products that Peru imports from India. Below is a list of the top 10 products:

  1. Machinery and apparatus for the sugar industry.
  2. Motor vehicles gas stations
  3. Galvanized steel structures
  4. Steel plates and calamines
  5. Single cotton and polyester yarn
  6. Motorcycles
  7. Medicines for human use
  8. Home Decoration Accessories
  9. Polypropylene in primary forms
  10. Vaccines and oncological drugs.

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Consultant: Lic. Miguel Solano

Adapted by : Alex Alcantara


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